We will continue to support the youth and young adults to advocate for changes to be made around issues that pertain to them on the local, state and national level.

We are a youth-led, statewide initiative that is promoting and empowering youth and young adult voices in Wisconsin.


We are made up of youth and young adults who have lived experiences in various systems; such as mental health, juvenile justice, and child welfare.

TO work together to unite the voices and causes of a diverse group of young adults while raising awareness around the issues that pertain to them. We will empower members of MOVE Wisconsin to come together around causes that are important to them.

"​Pursue Your Inner Power Through Self-Discovery"


Move Wisconsin envisions a day when youth and young adults are comfortable advocating for themselves and that their voices will be heard and valued by the people who help and support them in the communities in which they live. MOVE Wisconsin will encourage leaders to advocate for their own rights and break the stigma around mental health, by building a foundation that will help promote and empower the youth and young adults voices in  Wisconsin. Youth and young adults will promote equality not only in their personal and daily lives, but in the community at large.